Monday, November 29, 2010

My BIG birthday present

So, Saturday was my birthday (39, if you must know), and I was NOT prepared for the HUGE surprise my husband sprung on me!  How I had done cake decorating for years without knowing this particular machine existed before seeing Costco's Black Friday ad, I have no idea.  Because it's AMAZING.

It's called a Cricut Cake. And he got me the Martha Stewart version!  If you've been under a rock like me, it's a machine that cuts creative designs out of fondant, gumpaste, cookie dough, frosting sheets, etc. Basically anything thin and flat and edible. Tortillas even. In case you want some butterfly shaped tortilla chips.

I'm in heaven... I cannot wait to try it out!  I think it's safe to say this gadget may take my cakes to a whole new level of FUN, so STAY TUNED!

More than all that, though, it touched my heart to know that my husband believes my cake decorating is worthy of such an investment.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Green Eggs & Ham

My friend's son requested a Dr. Seuss party for his birthday this year, and he liked a picture of a "Green Eggs & Ham" cake.  I'm hoping he goes crazy for the real thing... Here are some shots from the party.

Even the inside is green!

"I do, I like them, Sam I Am!"