Friday, March 11, 2011


My wonderful friend Holly sent me an invitation to her son's birthday party, and I immediately replied and said I hoped she'd let me make his cake. Sam is such a great kid, and I knew this would be a fun project.  His initial ideas for his cake involved something called Beyblades. He tried to explain them to me.  They're toys (like spinning tops) that battle each other in plastic arenas that resemble a kitty litter box (or so I'm told). Waaaayyy beyond my limited comprehension!

So, one day, Holly calls me up and announces that she has the PERFECT idea for Sam's cake. A giant donut!! Sam LOVES donuts... you don't even know how much.  Anyway, I was very excited about the idea... my creative juices immediately started flowing.  We decided to keep it a BIG surprise. And I'm so glad we did, because the expression on his face was just priceless!  He said, "It's a GIGANTIC CAKE OF AWESOMENESS!!!"

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