Sunday, April 29, 2012

Star Wars Cake

A friend I've known for several years approached me at the pool last week and said she was glad to hear that I'm finally charging for cakes, because she wanted to order one for her son's 9th birthday party.  I was  pleased that I was getting the chance to do a Star Wars cake, because it's been quite a while.

After much searching for ideas on AND Pinterest, I came up with the idea to do the Star Wars logo on the front, with light sabers around each of the sides. After I posted a plea on facebook, a friend helped me find the font that matched the one used in the Star Wars logo. So I printed it and cut the letters out by hand.  The light sabers were fairly straightforward, and I was fortunate to have all of the colors I needed to make them already on hand.  

I wasn't sure yet what to do for the top of the cake, but I was considering making a Yoda figure out of fondant, or these cool X-Wing fighters that I saw on one of those sites.  In the end, my time crunch dictated that I make the ships, because much simpler than Yoda they were.  The X-Wing fighters seemed to be flying, propped up on toothpicks, but mine were made of gumpaste, and ended up being too heavy for flying. They sunk right into the cake. Oh well... can't win 'em all!

Of course, the MOST important thing (to ME) is that my friends love the cake, and the birthday kid is thrilled.  His mom said that he thought it was "super cool!" Mission accomplished!

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