Sunday, July 15, 2007

dairy-free cakes

Something most people might not know is that I am able to make cakes and icing without using dairy products. My friend in Arizona has a daughter who is really allergic to milk, so she can't just go to the local bakery and buy cakes. They liked my cakes better anyway, and they didn't only have a few designs to choose from. I would do whatever design they wanted. So, twice a year, for her daughters' birthdays, she would give me the party invitation or napkin, and I would copy it.

Here are a few examples:

My two favorites are the butterfly one with the ladybug toddler cake and the Veggie Tales cake. Those ones and the Blue's Clues cake were all done freehand. There's a funny story about the Spirit cake, though. I didn't have a horse pan, so I decided to do a transfer. I made the square cake and spray-painted the blue for the sky. To get the image of Spirit the horse, I had to go to the official movie website and play a bunch of silly games in order to be able to "win" coloring pages to print out! I think there were 4 different designs, and I won three of them before I got one I could actually use on a cake! The things I'll do for my friends...

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