Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cake Decorating with Kids - Part 1

My girls are involved in a group called Keepers at Home. It's like a Christian version of girl scouts where they can earn badges or charms for learning different life skills, or learning about different animals, sports, or academic subject areas. Today, I taught the younger half of the group about cake decorating! We split the group in half (younger girls & older girls) for this activity so it would be a little less chaotic. And I hosted it at my house. So, today we had about 7 girls and their moms here.

I taught them smooth icing, piping dots and lines and letters with the small round tip, as well as making shapes with the large round tips. I also taught them stars, flowers, zigzags, etc. with the star tip. They each practiced on a sheet of wax paper. Then they each got to decorate their own cupcake (and eat it if they wanted to). I was really impressed by how even these younger girls really paid attention and caught on to what I was telling them.
I had lots of fun, and I think the girls did too. It's always interesting to see the artisic kids being creative, and the serious kids concentrating; then there are the ones like my daughter, Hayden, who just PILE on the icing so they can EAT IT!!! (I must admit -she comes by it honestly!)


Stacey said...

What a fun day!

Leah Belle said...

Hey! we are involved with Keepers At Home, too! Looks like you all had fun!

I think I have pics on my facebook from out Keeper's award ceremony.(in case you are interested)

LucisMomma said...

Found your blog visiting KatieBug's blog--I love to decorate cakes, it is so fun. But we need to use natural colorings for ours because my kids go nuts when they eat artificial colors. Glad I checked out your blog--it's on my favorites now.

Are you a homeschooler? Here, (NW Alabama) some of us homeschoolers do Keepers at Home--my DD is only 3 so I have a couple of years before we get into it. your day looks like fun!


Kelley said...

Susan -
Thanks for stopping by my blog(s).

Yes, we homeschool our 3 kids, and my girls love Keepers. It was a really fun afternoon playing with icing. I'd be really interested to learn about natural colorings. I've always just used Wilton.

Kelsie said...

Aw! That sounds like so much FUN!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad your daughters liked the cookies :)

Unknown said...

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