Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tinkerbell's Teapot

Sorry... Didn't mean to leave ya hanging with an unfinished Tinkerbell cake.
The truth is that I took all those photos at home while I was making the cake, and then I forgot my camera when we left for the party! So, my friend sent me the photos she took once we got to her house and set up the cake. First... me adding the final touch - the Tinkerbell candle.

This is how the cake looked when everyone came into the house for the party. The girls loved it, and nobody could believe that it was completely edible.

The birthday girl with her cake. She said to her mom, "I can't believe she made this just for me!" Such a sweet girl, that Bayley.

After the party was over and all the cake was gone, the family decided to crack open the teapot and enjoy the white chocolate inside!

There you have it... the "life cycle" of a cake... from beginning to end!


Stacey said...

You do amazing cakes! I'm passing on your name and website to a friend who is looking for more tips and ideas. She lives in Italy right now because her husband is in the Navy. She may be visiting your page or contacting you for ideas :o)

JH said...

I like the teapot! I had been visiting your blog for a few times and am really amazed by the cake. Do you mind sharing how did you mold your teapot using chocolate? I have a wilton ball pan but wondering how can I mold the chocolate so that it is empty in the middle and equal tickness...

Kelley said...

@JH - Thanks for stopping by! It wasn't too difficult to make the hollow chocolate ball.

You do use the Wilton ball cake pan, fill it with melted wilton candy melts and put it in the freezer for a short time. Of course, it will solidify from the outside edges, so when it is about 1/4 inch thick around the edges, remove it from the freezer. Use a spoon to scrape out the center (which is still melted). Return it to the freezer until completely set.

Repeat for the second half, and then "glue" them together with more melted candy. To make the teapot, I just covered it in fondant and added the details! The design was taken from the 2010 Wilton Yearbook, page 30. I think all the instructions are there.

Mitsy said...

Your cakes are great! Love the little girls face that was cute:)I love decorating cakes also and found this site helpful you might enjoy it.

Drew Watts said...

How special this Tinkerbell's Teapot cake was! Your design is stunning and I am sure that the cake tasted really good as well. At a local event space NYC I also would be celebrating my twin’s birthday and they want the wonderland themed bash so will ask a designer to show me some chic designs for this theme.