Sunday, February 14, 2010

on the WINGS of Love...

Here's a REALLY PINK heart-shaped cake I made for our homeschool group's Valentine's Day party this week.  Obviously, it's a heart-shaped, two-layer chocolate cake.  I was feeling fancy, so I used cherry pie filling in between the layers for a "black forest" effect.

I really didn't mean for the icing to turn out that bright, but oh well.  I used Wilton's storebought red icing to do the piping and the flower centers.  Then I added sugar pearls to each flower around the top border for a special touch.

It tasted wonderful, but the top layer was pretty heavy, and the pie filling was under a LOT of pressure!  It kept wanting to bleed through the icing around the sides of the cake.  I had to patch several leaks, and I finally gave up! Also, the top layer kept trying to slide off of the bottom layer while I was cutting and serving it.  Very messy!

Oh, and the corny inscription wording is because our homeschool group is called W.I.N.G.S. (which stands for: "Wise Instructors Need Group Support!")  Even though it was technically a "cake-tastrophe," it got rave reviews and several requests for "seconds" (who shall remain nameless)!

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