Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wedding cake

This is the wedding cake I did for my friend's daughter's wedding in August.
I enlarged the photo so you could see some of the detail.
Everyone was really happy with the outcome of the design, including me!
This is definitely the largest cake I've ever made, but I was very confident in the structure and support that I used this time. The only nerve-wracking part was transporting it OVER AN HOUR from home to the reception hall!

Don't you just love the beautiful wooden cake stand that the bride's father made?
I think it was the perfect way to showcase this beautiful cake.
I just felt bad for my husband & son who had to carry the cake in from the car, because it was so very heavy! The stand itself wasn't solid, but still probably almost weighed 10 pounds before any cake was added to it. Then, four two-layer tiers of cake, with however-many batches of buttercream icing that I had to make to fill, cover and decorate this enormous cake.

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Unknown said...

What type of wood did your husband use to build this? It's stunning!