Friday, August 17, 2012

Potluck Practice cake

So, yesterday I was trying to decide what to bring to a potluck for our new homeschool group, of course I thought, "Cake is my thing. I can definitely do cake." This is their pot-lucky day.

Well, it's nothing fancy. It's a 3-layer chocolate cake. It started out being 2 layers, but it looked a little puny and I remembered another single layer of chocolate cake sitting in my freezer that was the exact same size. So. Voila.  

Making a cake wasn't the only thing I had to do today, so I didn't have time for something super-creative.  Had some leftover icing from my last cake.  Been practicing with fondant for an upcoming wedding project and had a few fondant flowers lying around.  Just placed the fondant daisies in a ring, icing and sugar pearls in the center of each one, blue sugar sparkles between them all.  And last but not least, plain and simple buttercream shell borders. 

Nothing special, but oh, it tasted fantastic!  Wish I could say that I saved you a piece...

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