Monday, March 12, 2007

Kirstyn's castle

This is a cake that I helped Kirstyn make for her Medieval Times homeschool class. When her teacher gave them the project to make a model castle out of anything they wanted, she immediately knew she wanted to make hers out of cake. Other kids used Legos, cardboard, etc., but not my crafty Kirstyn.

I was so proud of her. She spray painted a moat and grass on the cake board. Then we figured out a way to make it with my stadium pan, flipped the cake upside-down; then we quartered and layered a square cake for the keep in the middle. There are cupcakes atop each of the four corners. It's covered in fondant that was supposed to be gray, but somehow my black icing color came out a greenish color. We also made brown and tan colored fondant stones for decoration around the castle.

The turret is a sugar cone covered in chocolate sprinkles, and the battlements are mini fudge-covered grahams. The drawbridge is a graham cracker (obviously). The only technical difficulty we had with the cake was that the keep in the center was resting on a styrofoam bowl, and it was too heavy. So, it kept tipping over. Anyway, it made it through class and we ate it that night at home for dessert. It would have been nice to share it with her friends in class, but Kirstyn wanted to save it for Nathon to see when he got home from camp.


Stacey said...

That is so cool! I bet you had fun working with her on this project. It's alway neat to watch your kids get excited about doing something with you!!

Unknown said...

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