Saturday, April 28, 2007

double the fun!

My dear friend Monika is having twins, so I was thrilled to make a cake for her baby shower. The idea came from Wilton's 2006 Idea Book. This is the first time I've completely covered a cake in fondant, so I was a little nervous. I think it turned out to be adorable, though. The babies' names are on their diapers. Monika keeps saying that she didn't even think it was a cake when she first saw it; she just thought it was a really cute table decoration. I loved listening to the "oohs" and "aahs". Trying not to let it go to my head. ;) It's just that when you know how simple it really is to make some of these fondant decorations, it's funny to listen to people talk about how they could never make them.

I also made a pair of booties for each baby as a keepsake. My dear Aunt Cyndi used to make these for anyone who was having a baby. It's just 3 large marshmallows stacked in an L-shaped formation and covered in royal icing stars and decorated like a pair of booties - with lace and bows. They will dry and can be saved forever. I made a pink set and a baby blue set, since she's having a girl and a boy. I didn't get a close-up picture of them, but here's a cake shot with the booties:

You get the idea.

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Stacey said...

You are truly gifted in this area! Wow, those are awesome!!