Tuesday, June 26, 2007

practice cakes

These are a couple pictures I found of the cakes I made for my Wilton class back in 1996. They taught us how to do transfers and different flower techniques, including roses and rosebuds/sweet peas. Looking back, I guess I didn't do too badly on the flowers at the time, but I'm SO out of practice ... that was 11 years ago! I have avoided doing these more difficult flowers whenever possible. I really need to start trying them again. I'm supposed to do a bridal shower cake next month for my neighbor's cousin. Lord knows I have plenty of leftover icing from this weekend to practice with! I suppose I should put it to good use.

The transfers can be fun, and they're surprisingly easy to do. If you have an image (like from a coloring book or something), you can trace it with piping gel (I usually use clear, just in case I mess up), flip it into position on your iced cake and fill it with stars (tip 21) to make it look like whatever character you transferred. You can then re-trace the piping gel in black (or any other color) gel or icing for a more defined image.


Leah Belle said...

I saw this picture of some beautiful cupcakes on a blog and thought of you. Go check it out at www.designmom.com/2007/06/back-this-afternoon.html

Stacey said...

That is a great idea for doing cakes! I sure wish I could get started on this kind of stuff someday soon. I'm not sure I can fit it in right now with nursing and everything else involved with having three little ones :)